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Twofold improve users imports - 89,000 Chinese importers databases  


Chinese Importers

Chinese Importers catalogue lists 89,000 importers situated in China; The top 199  products imported to China traced by Chinese Customs. All our Chinese importers database is updated in line with China imports plan... 


Chinese Investors

DCCChin.org delivers 17 Databases Chinese Investors, 21 Directories Chinese Company in Europe. The top 15 locations within EU have the most Chinese invested companies, all  Chinese companies are original from China...


China Market Reports

China Market Reports provide detailed business intelligence China key industry players, forecast the upcoming China market trends, all that improve your insights, resulting your business find China market opportunities.


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DCCChina.org Goal

The main goal of this site is to deliver reliable Chinese importers databases in responds to company demand for their products/service to enter China market. The DCCChina.org is a not-for-profit organization...

DCCC advisory service

Advisory Services

DCCChina.org provides Advisory Service to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who want to enter the Chinese market with their products or services. The DCCChina.org based in 'S-Gravenhage, Netherlands...


China Imports Products

Mechanical & electrical, high-&-new-tech, agricultural products are the top category among China imports. Increasing China imports premium food & beverages, that products in high demand ...

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China imports products



DCCChina.org™ Grains Chinese Importers Directory

  • DCCChina.org™ Directory of Chinese Importers for Grains
  • This Directory contains reliable Grains importers, buyers, and traders from China. 
  • Surprisingly handy, effective advantages, easy to implement, and highly profitable!
  • With this Directory, your Grains products enter China market quicker, easier!

DCCChina.org™ Dairy China Market Report (2023-2027)

  • Dairy China Market Report - Demand & Supply (2023-2027) China Dairy Market releases current growths, consumer desires, market trends, analysis demand, supply and opportunities, along with upcoming forecasts for making the best business decisions. 
  • Greater advantages! this extensive Report with Facts and Figures based upon reliable fist-hand of Chinese government official sources!
  • With this research report, you gain deeper insight over dairy China market update statistics, forecast etc, to assist your decision-making process.

DCCChina.org™ Dairy Chinese Importers Directory

  • DCCChina.org™ Directory of Chinese Importers for Dairy
  • More Dairy trade... this Directory generates often 2 to 3 times more Dairy imports to China than others for the very same assignment.
  • More repeated dairy businesses, this Directory has more than enough long-term professionals to keep you busy all year long. 
  • Practical format, easy to implement, and highly profitable, this Directory contains reliable dairy importers, buyers, and traders from China.
coffee China demand & supply

DCCChina.org™ Coffee China Market Report (2023-2027)

  • DCCChina.org™ Coffee China Market- Coffee Demand & Supply (2023-2027) China Coffee Market Report delivers current growths, consumer desires, market trends, analysis demand, supply and opportunities, along with upcoming forecasts for making the best business decisions.
  • More value-added China Coffee market Facts and Figures based upon reliable first-hand sources of Chinese government official.
  • With this Coffee China Market Report, you gain deeper insight over Coffee China market update statistics, assist you make better decisions regarding Coffee products to enter the Chinese market.

DCCChina.org™ Cherry Chinese Importers Directory

  • DCCChina.org™ Directory of Chinese Importers for Cherry  If you're a beginning cherry exporter... or even more experienced... you may not have as many regular cherry Chinese importers as you'd like.
  • Now, this Directory can help you correct this situation - add more Chinese cherry importers to your export roster, enjoy a steady and repeat assignments from some of the biggest fruits importers from China all year long.
  • With this Directory, your Cherry fruits enter China market much quicker and easier! easier!It can double or tribble your Cherry fruits trade to China !
China olive oil demand & supply 2021-2027

DCCChina.org™ Olive Oil China Market Report (2023-2027)

  • DCCChina.org™ Olive oil Demand & Supply (2021-2027) China Olive Oil Market Report delivers current main demand and supply, import growths, consumer desires, market trends, analysis market opportunities, along with upcoming forecasts for making the best business decisions.
  • More detailed Fact and Figures based upon reliable sources of related Chinese government officials.
  • More value results with this Olive Oil China Market Report, it enriches your decision-making power, enter China market with better prepared market knowledge, to choose a suitable strategy!      

DCCChina.org™ Pork Chinese Importers Directory

  • DCCChina.org™ Directory of Chinese Importers for Pork
  • Surprisingly handy, easy to implement, and highly profitable! 
  • This Directory enables Pork suppliers' access broader China market
  • Ready-to-use with actual reliable pork importers/partners in China.
  • With this Directory, your Pork enter China market quicker, easier!
  • Transform your Pork business at large, double or tribble your Pork trade to China!    

DCCChina.org™ Soybeans Chinese Importers Directory

  • DCCChina.org™ Directory of Chinese Importers for Soybeans 
  • This Directory contains reliable Soybeans importers, buyers and traders from China.
  • Easy to implement, proven effective, direct reliable contact, and highly profitable!
  • Ready-to-use with actual track-record Soybeans Importers and partners in China.
  • With this Directory, your Soybeans enter China, market quicker, easier and smoother!
  • Can grow your Soybeans trades to China, triable or double your Soybeans business!


If you have different products/services that are not listed in any categories above, you can always let us know. Our special additional support will be provided.

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DCCC Chinese Importers Lists
Can Chinese Importers’ List really bolster your business?

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the Chinese Importers Database have helped me generate literally millions of dollars in exporting to China over the years. 

And this is not an isolated incident.... In fact, I once targeted a particular Chinese Importers from the List, and I wrote an email to this importer in China for exporting my meat products to China, through several effective communications. A few days later, this local Chinese Importer sent me an order valued $75,000 -- and hired my company as a supplier to deliver a boatload of premium meat.

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Mr. Gerhard Visscher, VP Marketing

DCCC Chinese Importers Lists
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Your organization has tremendous business insights into what markets and what sells!

We have been trying to enter the Chinese market for quite a while, the number one challenge is how to contact reliable Chinese importers to take our products into China, where are the buyers, importers in China?

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Mr. Bruce Tuner, Boardroom

Testimonial from yusuf-kaan
We all agree yours the List of Chinese Importers truly useful !

The feedback keeps coming in, and we all agree yours the Database Chinese Importers was a truly useful, handy and effective

The DCCChina.org did a fantastic job assisting our company, and we've already begun applying some of the top importers in China, expecting great volume of trade"

DCCChina.org … your ready-to-use, effective and handy list has virtually propelled us to another level of business progress and recognition as a qualified supplier. By utilizing your list of Chinese importers, the response we've received from China has been nothing short of tremendous.

We've not only derived significant business from these unforgettable Chinese Importers mailings--your efforts have sparked sufficient productive energy within our business which will assist us in years to come. Thanks for your guidance and counsel."

Mr. Y. Kaan, export Manager

DCCC Chinese Importers Lists
Did the DCCC delivered Chinese Importers List that we have asked for?

I am very impressed with your expertise and Chinese importers Database, which is indeed exactly we needed, handy, clear, with all the necessary contact email addresses and importers’ websites.

Now, we count on this list to expand our exports business to China. Again, I'd like to say I'm pleased with the higher capacity of your organization to deliver quality Database and related services. Dccchina.org is prompt, informative, and know your stuff.

We will be proposing you to others for your reliable business support and higher quality and valuable Chinese Importers database."

Mr. Joshua van de Ruyter, Trade Manager

DCCC Chinese Importers Lists
Did Importers List cast my vote? how about my vote for the next List?

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent work your organization did for us. You are the quality provider, and I can't tell, how much I appreciated your approach and service.

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DCCC Chinese Importers Lists
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Wow! I connected with DCCChina.org on its reputation, and found it is well-deserved. The fact-finding process in preparation to deliver our custom-made List was both accurate and exact.

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